Bingo is currently closed, but we look forward to re-opening soon! Check back often for updates.

At Prairie Wind Casino, we offer bingo games every Thursday through Saturday nights!
Doors open at 5:00pm, Warm Ups at 6:30pm, Regular Session starts at 7:00pm.

Prices are as follows:

12on – $12.00
9on – $9.00
Extra 6on – $6.00
All You Can Play Paper – $20.00

Champ II Machines:
12 Cards – $12.00
18 Cards – $14.00
24 Cards – $20.00
48 Cards – $36.00
54 Cards – $48.00

Regular Game Payouts:
1st part payout: $50.00
2nd part payout: $120.00

Specials Available at the Cashier Counter Paper OR Machine:
Bingo Pack – $10.00 (Includes 1 Double Action, 1 Wheel Game, 1 Mini Jackpot, 1 Blackout, 2 Speedo, 2 Bonanza, 1 U Pic Em, 1 Odd/Even, 1 Last Chance)
Casino Pack – $33.00 (Includes 3 Double Action, 5 Wheel Game, 5 Mini Jackpot, 3 Blackout, 2 Speedo, 6 Bonanza, 3 U Pic Em, 3 Odd/Even, 3 Last Chance)

Every Thursday is Seniors Night – Anyone 50+ receives a free 3on.

Fridays rotate between Men’s Night, Ladies Night, and Men’s and Ladies Night. – Receiving a free 6on.

Every Saturday is King/Queen Night – Every Saturday we have a new King and Queen. Be the first man and woman to win during the warm ups for a chance to be our King and Queen for the week. You will get to wear a crown and have a number assigned to you. Anytime that number comes up during the regular session games the King or Queen will yell “Taxes for the King/Queen” and will receive $5.00. Also receiving a free 6on when they come into play while they are King/Queen.