Due to the COVID-19 crisis, Prairie Wind Casino & Hotel, Bingo, Restaurant and Coffee Shop are closed until further notice. Player’s Club Card Status will not change and Mail Offers will resume as normal when we reopen. Check back often for updates.

At Prairie Wind Casino, we offer bingo games every Thursday through Saturday nights!
Doors open at 5:00pm, Warm Ups at 6:30pm, Regular Session starts at 7:00pm.

Prices are as follows:

12on – $12.00
9on – $9.00
Extra 6on – $6.00
All You Can Play Paper – $20.00

Champ II Machines:
12 Cards – $12.00
18 Cards – $14.00
24 Cards – $20.00
48 Cards – $36.00
54 Cards – $48.00

Regular Game Payouts:
1st part payout: $50.00
2nd part payout: $120.00

Specials Available at the Cashier Counter Paper OR Machine:
Bingo Pack – $10.00 (Includes 1 Double Action, 1 Wheel Game, 1 Mini Jackpot, 1 Blackout, 2 Speedo, 2 Bonanza, 1 U Pic Em, 1 Odd/Even, 1 Last Chance)
Casino Pack – $33.00 (Includes 3 Double Action, 5 Wheel Game, 5 Mini Jackpot, 3 Blackout, 2 Speedo, 6 Bonanza, 3 U Pic Em, 3 Odd/Even, 3 Last Chance)

Every Thursday is Seniors Night – Anyone 50+ receives a free 3on.

Fridays rotate between Men’s Night, Ladies Night, and Men’s and Ladies Night. – Receiving a free 6on.

Every Saturday is King/Queen Night – Every Saturday we have a new King and Queen. Be the first man and woman to win during the warm ups for a chance to be our King and Queen for the week. You will get to wear a crown and have a number assigned to you. Anytime that number comes up during the regular session games the King or Queen will yell “Taxes for the King/Queen” and will receive $5.00. Also receiving a free 6on when they come into play while they are King/Queen.

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